j2message can be used to contact parents when used in conjunction with the Just2easy Parent Portal. For more information on how this can be set up, please read this article

Once your Parent Portal is set up, and parents/carers are linked, you are able to message through j2message. Begin by opening j2message from your launchpad:

Messaging all parents/carers within a class/group

To message all parents/carers linked to a class/teaching group, you will need to select the class or group. To do this, select the class out of the list along the left hand side of the j2message screen.

By default, the class discussion board will open (pupils/teachers). To message the parents/carers, click the box below the class name listed as "message all parents/carers" This will open up the discussion board. The discussion board is always listed at the top of the page :

Here you will be able to add a mesage, add an attachment or use the speech to text function to dictate your message. Once you have finished composing your message, click the send button.

Parents/carers can respond to teacher messages (if switched on within j2dashboard - see below for details on how to tailor your messaging options) BUT the message will move to a 1:1 message. This means no parent/carer messages will appear within the class parent/carer discussion board

Parents/carers responses

If a parent/carer responds to the message, the message will automatically move to a 1:1 message board between you and that parent/carer :


Messaging a parent/carer individually

Parents can be messaged individually by opening the relevant pupil's message board, and selecting the "message parent/carer" button below the pupils name (this will only appear once the pupils discussion board is selected as shown below) :

Tailoring messaging options

As a school, you have a number of settings that can be tailored to your individual requirements. These can be accessed via j2dashboard. Here you are able to switch certain elements of the Parent Portal (including messaging) off :

You have the option to switch messaging off, allow only teachers to message, or to allow parents to respond. 

You also have the option to be able to limit which teachers parents/carers can contact. To do this, switch parental messaging on, click the configure button, select a class, and select the teachers that those parents can contact :