The Just2easy Parent Portal allows parents/carers an over-the-shoulder view of their child's J2e account.


A parent/carer will need to be sent an invitation email or QR code inviting them to the Parent Portal. They will be prompted to follow steps to create a Parent Portal account before accessing the Parent Portal. For information on how to link your pupils with parent/carer accounts please read this article. 

A parent/carer logs in to the Parent Portal via or via the Parent Portal app which can be found here:

iOS app -

Andriod app -

Once logged in, they will be able to select a child's profile (if they have multiple pupil accounts linked) :

Once a profile is selected, parents/carers will be able to see the Parent Portal landing page. This will give an overview of homework tasks, messages and J2stars points awarded. There are also buttons/links to their child's files, homework, j2message, thee class blog site (J2webby) and uploading files on their child's behalf:


Parents/carers will be able to view tasks set through J2homework. They will be able to view the homework title, description and linked urls/documents. They will not have the option to complete the homework. This must be done by logging in using the childs j2e login credentials:

Clicking on the homework entry will showcase the homework activity:



Parents/carers will be able to view their child's class message board/s, and contact their child's registration class teacher directly. Schools have the ability to be able to switch off parent messaging (either disabling messaging completely, or restricting parental replies), and to configure which teachers each classes parents/carers can message. 

J2message will look like this within the parent view:

If a parent responds to a message within a class discussion board, it will move the message to a 1:1 message between the parent and the teacher who wrote the original message. 

Parents are not able to message within the class discussion board. When a parent replies the message will move to a 1:1 message between them and the teacher. 

Child files

Child files will allow the parent/carer to see their child's MyFiles and shared files areas:

Parents/carers will be able to open work in a view only format. Parents/carers will not be able to edit the work in any way. 

Upload files

The upload files area allows parents/carers to upload work to their child's account. Parent/carers can use the "choose file" button to select work from an external source such as a laptop hard drive or a phone/tablet photo library. Photos and videos can also be added straight in when accessing via the Parent Portal app:

Class blog

The class blog button will give parents/carers access to the class blog within the school J2webby site. Parents/carers will have view-only permissions, so will be unable to make comments on any J2webby post. 

Please note  Parents/carers will be able to navigate to other class blogs and view posts by other children within school. Please bear this in mind when moderating work for J2webby, ensuring all content is compliant with in-school data permissions held for individuals.