The Just2easy Parent Portal offers you as a parent/carer an "over-the-shoulder" view of your child/children's Just2easy account. The Parent Portal provides you as a parent/carer with access to a few of the Just2easy tools, all with differing functions. This guide will provide you with an outline of the Portal and each tool

The Parent Portal is an optional extra that schools can choose to use. If your child's school has opted to use the Parent Portal, your child's class teacher will need your email address to send you an email invitation, and you will need to register for a Parent Portal account. A help guide on how to register can be accessed by clicking here. 

The Parent Portal landing page

Once you have logged in ( login via ) you will land on the Parent Portal homepage. Here you will be able to see your child/ren's profiles, add additional children, return home and access your user settings: 

To access a child's profile, simply click on their avatar/name. 

Viewing your child's profile

Once you have selected the child whose profile you wish to view, you will be taken to their overview screen. Here you can see at a glance:

  • how many J2stars your child has been awarded this week
  • how many unread messages are within J2message
  • how many homework assignments are yet to be completed

All of the buttons are fully interactive, allowing you to access each tool in more depth by clicking the relevant button:

Please note: The Parent Portal is customisable, so some elements may not be available/accessible to you should your child's school choose not to include them. 


Homework can be accessed either by clicking on the "homework tasks" buttons, or the j2homework button. Here you will be able to see outstanding pieces of homework:


J2message can be accessed either via the "messages" button, or the "j2message" button:

Please note: You will only be able to view messages that teachers have marked as "notify parents", therefore your view of j2message may differ from your child's. 

Opening j2message will log you into your child's account. You will be able to send messages within your child's registration class board, as well as directly to your child's class teacher. Only the class teacher will be able to see your comments (not other parents or children):

Be sure to adhere to school guidelines around appropriate use of J2message - any urgent or important messages should still go through official channels such as the school office or in-person conversations.


J2stars can be accessed by clicking the "j2stars this week" button. Here you will have a more in-depth view of when stars were awarded, and why:

Child files

Child files give you access to the work your child has created within Just2easy. This may be classwork or homework and will show you the most recent pieces of work first:

Each piece of work will have a thumbnail displaying a screenshot/preview of the work. You can open the work by clicking on the thumbnail. Each piece of work will open in a separate tab.

Please note: Any changes you make within a piece of work will be saved as the child.

Upload files


The upload files area allows you to upload work from an external source on your child's behalf. To upload work, open the upload files area and click on the "choose files" button. You will be prompted to select the file. This can be done on any device. If accessing via a tablet or phone you will also have the option to add live photos or videos. 

Class blog

The class blog button provides access to your child's school j2webby site, specifically your child's class blog. Here you will be able to see any work that has been submitted for publication. Work is clearly marked with a title, date and author. 

Please note  Not all work will be published. J2webby acts much like a digital display board, allowing teachers to showcase the best digital work


To see just your child's work, scroll down to a piece of work with your child listed as the author and click on their name (above the piece of work). This will then take you to a page showcasing all of their j2webby posts: