The Just2easy Parent Portal allows you to add multiple children from the same family to one Parent Portal account. Your child/ren's school will either send you a QR code or an email invite for each child:

QR codes:

If your child/ren's school decides to send QR codes, you will need to scan the QR code (one for each child). The first QR code will prompt you to register for an account. This only need's to be done once. Once you have registered, scan the additional QR code's, and click the "login" button. (Please note, if you are already logged in this process will happen automatically, without the need to login!)

Login as normal, and you will see your children have been linked to your account:

Email invites:

If your child's school decides to use email invites for the Parent Portal, you will be sent an invitation email from each of your children's teachers. For the first invitation, you will need to register for a Parent Portal account. (if you have not registered, read this article). This only need's to be done once. 

Once you have registered, you can click on subsequent email invites and choose the "login" option. This will then link all your children to the same account.