The Just2easy Parent Portal allows you, as a parent, to have an "over-the-shoulder" view of your child's J2e account. 

To begin the process, your child's teacher will send you either an invite email or a QR code. 

Email Invite:

If your school has decided to invite via email, you will receive an email which will look like this:

Please note - If your child's teacher has invited you, but you have not received an email, be sure to check your junk/spam folder before contacting school.


To access the parent portal, you will need to be a registered Parent Portal user. To do this, click the "connect to your child" button within your invite email. This will take you to the registration page: 

To register, simply add all your details, check the privacy policy/t's and c's box and click continue. 

Please note: The registration process is only required once (i.e. if you have multiple children within the school). If you have already registered, click the "login" button.

QR code

If your child's school has decided to use QR codes to link to your child, you will receive a QR code that will look like similar to this: 

Simply use a mobile device (tablet, phone, laptop with a webcam), open the devices camera app and scan the QR code. A link should appear - click this link to take you to the registration page. 

The registration process will be the same as above.