We now allow selected schools the ability to sync their accounts with Wonde, Google and Microsoft.

(There may be certain restrictions depending on your setup contact support@j2e.com if you need more help)

Integrating with an external provider will allow user accounts to be created by unifying users from an existing external provider and existing j2e users. This will allow for a single sign on (SSO) solution i.e. using a google login for both google and j2e. Changes can be made within your external provider, and synchronised across both platforms.

Setting up integration with an external provider

Step 1: Link with an external provider

  • Log in to your Just2easy account and go to the J2dashboard. In the setup tab you will see  he 3 providers listed (see image below)
  • Click on the provider you would like to link with and follow the login prompts 
  • When the account has been successfully linked you will see the links listed. The sync provider shown in the drop down list determines which provider will be used to create/delete and update your users.
  • You can control how & what data is imported into J2e here

  • There may also be scope to grant the provider to allow access to user data

Step 2: Creating and updating users from the provider

  • With your default provider set up, you will now be able to update your users. Click on the manage users tab inside the J2dashboard. (You can control how & what data is imported into J2e here)
  • A button will appear for each provider you are linked with. Your selected provider will be shown in green:

  • Click on the green button to update users. You will be asked  'Would you like to update your users?' Choosing yes will synchronise the users
  • Should all the existing users in your account be matched with users in your chosen provider then the account will update, adding any additional users which existed in the provider account. 

  • However if the existing users can not all be matched then you'll be prompted with a dialogue asking you what to do with the users that could not be matched. (This may happen if usernames are different in the two systems e.g Jon Smith and Jsmith125) You can choose to ignore users from the update, delete existing users or to match with a new user. The update can not proceed until all j2e users are matched or ignored. Matching users ensures users don't lose any files:

  1. To delete a user - press the red bin button next to the users username. This will delete the users from J2e.
  2. To ignore a user - select the yellow icon next to their username. This will ensure the user stays in J2e and will not included in any further updates.
  3. To match a user select the blue + button and search for the user from the list of external users. Once you have selected the matching user select OK 
  • Once all users have been matched, ignored or deleted, scroll to the bottom and select ok. Select the green icon for your chosen provider again, this will sync all your users. 

This update process only needs to be done periodically, such as when new users are required, or old users no longer required (i.e. at the start of every academic year)

Step 3: Signing in 

  • As well as using an external provider to manage user accounts you can also use it as an extra way to allow users to sign in with their SSO
  • Clicking on one of the provider buttons will fetch and link users to their equivalent in the external provider but without altering or creating any users.
  • Once matched the users will be able to use their provider logins to login to their j2e account using the relevant button on the sign in page: