Linking Just2easy and Wonde

To use Just2easy with Wonde login to your account and open J2dashboard. Click the "link with Wonde" button. Here you will be prompted to search for your school, and then press ok.

Once your Wonde account is linked to Just2easy you will need to approve the connection request. This is usually done by the school data controller.

Syncing with Wonde

Once the connection has been approved, you will need to sync your users. To do this, open the manage users section (within j2dashboard) and locate the Wonde button.

The button can show in different colours.

  • Light Grey: Access to Wonde data is still pending and has not yet been approved by the data controller.
  • Dark Grey: Wonde is configured for SSO purposes only and allows you to link existing users for SSO.
  • Green: Wonde is configured as the primary sync service and can be used to sync your users.

Logging in as a Wonde user

Once a Wonde account is linked to a Just2easy account, users can log in to Just2easy at, entering their school name with their Wonde username and password(You will need to change users' passwords for this).