Every user will have a storage area within J2e - this is called the MyFiles area. Any documents created and saved will be stored in this area. 


A how to video can be accessed here




Uploading and sharing work with other users

Adding files


Users can upload files from their device to their J2e my files area.


Click on the upload tile.


  1. Drag and drop files from your device into the box.

  2. Click choose files, select a file from your device and click open.

These files will now be stored in My Files




  1. open My Files

  2. click and drag files onto the dropbox area (left hand side of screen)



Sharing files with other users

Sharing files with other users

Work can be shared with other users

  • click on MyFiles

  • Hover over the piece of work to be shared

  • click the green "i" button

  • select the user to be shared with either by typing or by using the drop down menu

  • The work will now be accessible by the other user through the shared files tile on their launchpad, until permissions are removed or the file deleted