This article follows on from the J2webby - the basics article

Customising your J2webby site

J2webby is designed to not need much customisation, however it is possible to make it a little more individual!

To customise your J2webby site, begin by clicking on the "customise" button:

There are two main areas that can be customised - the site theme (including site identity, colour and header) and the menu bar:

Changing the site theme:

Changing the site theme incorporates the first 3 options in the customisation panel - site identity, colours and header image. These areas refer to the following areas:

Changing the Site identity

Changing the site identity allows you to change the format of the school name along the top bar. To do this, click on site identity option, and edit the site title. 

There is also the option to add an image that will showcase on the J2webby tab within you internet browser. To do this click "select image", choose an image (and crop if necessary) and add image. This will now show on the open tab:

Change the colour scheme

The colour customisation option allows you to change the colour scheme. Simply click "colours" and select a colour. You might like to match this to your school colour scheme!

Changing the header image

The header image customisation option allows you to upload images as part of the header, such as a school logo. To change the header image, click on the option and click "add new image". Upload an image, crop if necessary and click OK. This will add the image to your J2webby header. 

You also have the option of using a randomly generated image. Simply click on the "randomise uploaded images" or "randomise suggested headers". 

Changing the menu bar

The menu customisation option allows you to alter the category names along the menu bar. Click customise, then click menu, and select the "just2easy menu":

Changing or deleting a category name

Each category within the menu bar will be listed here. You will notice some are listed as category, page or post. It is possible to remove or rename elements by clicking on the drop down menu, and choosing the appropriate change. Any changes to the title will update in real time on the page, allowing you to review the change. Click the publish button to save the changes:

Adding a new category to the menu bar

To add a whole new category, click customise, menu and Just2easy menu. Scroll down to reveal the "add page" button. Click this then name your new page and click +. This will add the category in real time:

Be sure to click the publish button to save the changes.