J2PDF allows you to turn worksheets into fully editable digital documents. 

Creating a J2pdf

Load j2PDF from the j2launchpad:

To begin, you will need to have a PDF ready to upload. Locate the required PDF and drag onto the drop box. 

Alternatively :  PDF's already located within MyFiles can be used by clicking on the "open PDF" button. Select the PDF you would like to use, then clicking "add":

J2PDF will load the PDF file as a background image onto a J2e5 file, with all the same functionality. Users will be able to add pictures, text, shapes, sound recordings and videos to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. For information on how to use the J2e5 functionality, click here

Sharing with other users/pupils

Once you have edited your J2PDF ready for other users to use, save your activity. This will save as a J2PDF file, separate to the original PDF. Once saved, you can share with your pupils using the "share" button:

The J2PDF file will now be accessible through a users shared files area. 

Repositioning the PDF background

As mentioned, J2PDF loads the selected PDF as a background. To move/reposition/resize the background, double click on the background and then click the "unlock" option in the menu (right hand side of the screen) 

The image will be outlined in red. Click on the image to select the image (4 blue corner boxes will appear once selected). You will now be able to move the image. 

To lock in position again (recommended) simply click the image and press tick the "lock" box (right hand side of screen):