J2homework allows work to be set, assigned, collected and marked, all in one place.

Launching J2homework

To launch J2homework, click on the tile from your launchpad:

J2homework will open, displaying assigned homework:

Setting homework

To set/assign homework, click on the assign homework button (top right) This will launch the homework assignment screen. Follow the instructions at the top of the page to create a piece of homework for your pupils:

Homework can be set with or without links (allowing for the assignment of non-digital homework as well as digital!). The tool also offers audio recording should your pupils need it. 

Using a J2e template as part of a homework assignment

You can use any file stored in MyFiles as a homework assignment, whether it be as a template or a WAGOLL (good example). To begin, access your MyFiles area via the launchpad. The file needs to be accessible for pupils to access, before it can be set as homework. Hover over the file to be shared and click the green 'i' button. Click share:

Share the file with the pupils/class that it will be assigned to via j2homework e.g. My Class. Once this is done, copy the URL link that is shown in the link box.

Now the file link can be pasted into either the description or URL box within j2homework. You can also add links to other websites, e.g. wikipedia, YouTube, etc:

Once the link is added, and the rest of the homework is assigned, click the 'assign homework' button. The homework will be listed and accessible through the j2homework area for your pupils to complete, and will look similar to this:

If you wish to edit the homework simply click on the edit button: 

Homework notifications

Pupils will receive a notification that they have homework to complete:

Completing homework

To complete homework assigned through j2homework, simply open the tool from the launchpad. All homework will be listed by title, with a drop down menu to show the homework in full:

Links within the description should be fully interactive, and the homework will open when clicking on the 'go to homework' button. 

Once the homework is completed and saved, pupils should click the 'mark complete' button. 

Marking homework

Once a pupil has completed their homework, a notification will appear in the 'completed by' area within the homework. Clicking on the completed by button will open a submenu showing which pupils have completed their homework. This submenu will also show a direct link to the work, allowing you direct access via Pupil Files: :