The MyFiles tool is your own personal cloud-based storage area, allowing you to upload, store and share files at the click of a button. 

Using MyFiles

Anything you create in Just2easy will save into your MyFiles area. MyFiles will also save any imported images or images used recently.

All files will be listed in reverse chronological order - with the most recent files being found at the top:

Renaming files in MyFiles

Files created within Just2easy will be automatically named (unless saved using a file name). Files uploaded into MyFiles will pull the file name from the original source (e.g if you used the drop box function to upload a work or PDF document, the fie will retain the original file name). However, files can be easily renamed. 

To rename a file, hover over the file and click the green 'i' button to reveal the options menu. Scroll down to the rename option and click:

Rename the file, and click the 'rename' button to save the new file name:

Pro tip - renaming your files will make it easier to search for files using the search function (see below)

Searching for files in MyFiles

To search for a file in MyFiles simply use the search function at the top right of the MyFiles screen. You can search for file either by file name (using the search bar) OR file type (using the drop down menu) :

Uploading/adding files to MyFiles

To add a file from an external source (such as your computer hard drive or a memory stick) open MyFiles. Now, open the file explorer to show the document to be added:

Simply click and hold, and drag the fie onto the MyFiles drop box

Your file will be uploaded and available to view/use: 

 Sharing files with other users from MyFiles

Files can be easily shared with other users. Hover over the file to be shared, and click on the green 'i' button. Click on the share button:

The share menu will open, offering a number of options for sharing:

Access status : You can set the file to be private (requires a J2e login to access), password protected (open to those without a J2e login, but requiring a password to access) or publish (can be accessed without a J2e login)

File access: You can set the file to be a worksheet (each user will receive a copy of the file to be used as an individual file) a collaborative document (users will have access to the file, and all users will edit the same document, with all changes saved centrally) or as view only (users will be able to read the document, but will not be able to edit the document)

Share with: You can assign sharing permissions for the whole school, your own class, other classes in school, or individual users. You can share the file with multiple groups

Alternative access options: Files can be shared via link (simply copy and paste the link e.g into an email), embed, thumbnail or share directly into an email. Please note: if sharing with people outside of your organisation, be sure to make the file public by setting the access status to 'publish' (see above)

Sharing files with your class/pupils

To share a file with a specific user or class, follow the instructions above. From the share menu, you can type a users name in the 'share with' area, OR you can use the drop down menu:

Accessing a shared file

Shared files can be access via the shared files tile off the j2launchpad, or via the shared files area from MyFiles. 

Removing access permissions to a shared file

Sometimes, access permissions will need to be removed from a shared file. To do this, open the share menu for the file, and click the 'x' next to the listed user/s: