MyFiles is designed as an online portfolio/storage area for digital work. However, sometimes this work needs to be saved and/or used elsewhere such as display boards or pupil workbooks. There are a number of ways to do this:


Navigate to the piece of work you would like to download from MyFiles/pupil files, hover over and click on the green 'i' icon:

Click on the 'download' option. 

Please note: Not all file formats will offer this option e.g. J2e5 files. These files will need to be downloaded using the export as PDF method (see below)

Generate a QR code

This option does not download the file. However, it provides a printable link that, when scanned with a mobile device such as a tablet or a webcam, will open the file. To create a QR code click on the green 'i'  and click 'QR code':

This will generate a QR code. This can be saved to MyFiles or downloaded to an external storage area. 

If you wish the file to be accessible by anyone without needing a J2e login (for example, if you are printing the QR code for an interactive display board, or for a pupils' evidence book) be sure to tick the 'publish' checkbox. But don't worry, this will give access to this file only. It will not give access to the MyFiles or Pupil files areas.

Please note:  Think carefully before ticking the publish button on the QR code. For example, If the file contains sensitive information such as pupil photographs, this might be better accessed only by those with a school J2e account. 

Export as PDF

It is possible to create a PDF version of the file that can be saved externally. This is easily done by simply clicking on the 'print' button. 

Here you will have the option to print, save as PDF or save to a storage area such as Google drive (depending on how your computer is configured). Once you have selected the saving format, click save. You will be prompted to select the saving location, and click save again: