J2blast allows users to practice spellings and times tables in a games based learning environment. 

With clever capability tracking software, TTBlast will monitor users abilities, adjusting the complexity accordingly. As part of the "Go Live" function, users can go head-to-head against other users of a similar level, to compete for points. The points leader boards are showcased on the TTBlast landing page, with a world, school and class leaderboard. 

To engage in the competition, simply click on the "Go Live" button. The site will match the user with other users at a similar level (you may have to wait a few seconds for this matching process to happen). Once matched, the game will load:

The object of the competition is to answer as many times table problems within the time limit, whilst trying to beat the other players. To play use the keyboard to answer the problem. If it is answered incorrectly there will be another opportunity to answer. If incorrectly answered again the problem will be marked as incorrect. 

Once the time has run out, the competition will be graded, ranking the user out of 4. In addition to this, a answer sheet will be generated, showcasing which problems were attempted, which were incorrectly answered, etc. This answer sheet can be saved using the save button. Once saved, a copy will be accessible in the users' MyFiles area. 

How can I reset a users TT blast score?

TTBlast scores can only be changed by the technical team here at J2e. Contact us via support@j2e.com