Creating your work

Open JIT5 and select 'Branch'

Here you can select a template or insert your own background picture. By selecting 'picture' you are given the choice of adding an uploaded picture, searching google for an image or taking a photo:

A simple or advanced branching database?

JiT branch has two levels : simple and advanced: 

The simple database level loads with just pictures. This is great to use with younger pupils who are just beginning to use branching databases, classifying the data based solely on visual data:

The advanced database level allows you to add additional information, such as title and description. This is great to use with pupils who understand the basics of branching databases, involving the classification of multiple formats of information, not just pictures. 

Adding the data to be classified

The first step involves adding the data to be classified. Data can be added from the pre-loaded picture libraries. Alternatively you can add pictures from MyFiles or shared files, photographs taken using the camera icon, or via a google search. 

To add the data, simply click on the picture and it will be added into the sorting box.

Sorting data

Once the data has been added it is time to sort. Begin by clicking the "sort" button. The data will be sorted using yes/no questions, and here you will be prompted to define the first sorting question. Add the question into the text box, then drag the items into the corresponding yes/no box. Once sorted, click the ok button:

Continue adding questions and sorting the data. Once all the data is sorted you will be shown a branching map, where you can review and edit the data and questions if necessary:

To edit the question, or the data, simply click on the pen icon on the top left of the question/data box. 

Using the branching database

To use the branching database, press the play button. Select a character, and then answer the corresponding questions:

Once all the questions are answered, the database will ask whether the answer is correct: