To access J2dashboard, click on the manage users or J2dashboard tile on your J2launchpad. This will automatically load the manage users tab. Here you will be able to see and edit all users. 

Manually adding users

To add a user, click the plus button above the user data table. You will be taken to a sub-menu, which prompts you to enter the user information:

Begin by creating a username. This will be the username the user will use to access the site, and attributed to any work. Next, create a password. Passwords can be a simple or as complex as you like - shorter passwords can be used for younger learners. The user can change their password at any time. 

You might like to assign the user to a class at this point, although this can be done later if preferred. Determine the user type (teacher or pupil) before clicking "add user". Your user will now be available to use.

Editing users

To edit the user information, such as username, first name, surname, etc, simply click directly on the data to be changed. In the picture below we are editing the users username:

Re-assigning users to a new class

Changes to assigned classes can be made by selecting the drop down menu in the class column:

 Please note: Users can only be assigned to one registration class, although they can be assigned to multiple teaching classes.

Deleting users

Users can be deleted by selecting the tick box next to their name, and clicking the bin icon:

Recovering deleted user accounts

If you have deleted a user in error, click the "show deleted users" button:

Select the tick box next to the user, and click the restore button. The user will now be reinstated.

Changing user passwords

To change a user password, select the user using the tick box. (You can also select multiple users) Click the "reset password" button:

Here you will be prompted for your user password (to authenticate the password change). Now input the new password, and confirm it by typing a second time (Passwords are case sensitive), and click ok. The user password will now be updated. 

Generating login cards

It's possible to generate login cards for users, displayed as a QR code and username (Please note - these cards do not generate user passwords for eSafety purposes. However, there is space on the card to write the password, should you need to make a note of them). 

To generate login cards for users, select the users you wish to use, and select the QR code button

This will redirect you to the printable logins. It is also possible to print whole class logins, by using the drop down "select a class" button:

Adding multiple users

It is possible to bulk upload multiple users by using a CSV. file. Email for more details.