To add a class, group or pupils to your Just2easy school account begin by clicking on the J2dashboard tile on your J2launchpad:

Adding classes and groups

To create new classes or groups, click on the classes tile and press the add button:

Name your class. You will have the option to create a registration class, or a teaching class. Teaching classes are useful for groups other than registration classes, such as differentiated Maths or Literacy groups, school council, or even staff groups:

Adding users to your new class

To add users to your new class, click the drop down menu icon, and click the "+" button. The "find users" sub menu will appear which will allow you to search and select the users you wish to add. Click OK - these users will now be assigned to this class.

Please note - users can only be assigned to one registration class. However, they can be assigned to multiple teaching classes.