j2review allows teachers to tag files created by pupils against curriculum statements. It is possible for schools to add their own curriculum framework into the tool. 

To add a new framework, the Just2easy team (support@j2e.com) will need to have a copy of the framework in csv. format.(csv. format is a type of excel sheet. To create a csv. , open the spreadsheet, click file and "save as csv."). Once the Just2easy team are in receipt of the curriculum framework, they will be able to make this accessible to your school. 

Some things you might like to consider:

  • Whether your framework will include a simple "met/unmet" option, or levels (such as working towards/meeting/exceeding OR levels 1-3, etc.)
  • Whether to use levels - We allow up to 7 levels per statement and these can be renamed. 
  • Whether to add more detail for the levels. Levels can be left blank, or have a description of the level (up to 1024 characters).
  • Whether to group statements. Statements will be grouped by their domain (for example subjects such as maths, or elements of the curriculum such as statistics) and year group, allowing you to view sections of a framework at a time.

Below are some examples of how a framework could be structured: