The Sound tool

The sound tool enables users to record sound files directly into their MyFiles area. To do this, open the sound tool from the launchpad:

The sound tool will open. To record, press the button in the middle of the screen. You may be asked for permission to access the microphone - this will need to be enabled for this tool to work. 

The tool will count down from 3, and then begin recording. Once you have finished creating your audion recording, press the stop button:

By default the recording will save to your own MyFiles. This can be changed by clicking the "save to" button, and selecting a different user. 

To save the file, click the save button. This will now appear in your MyFiles area. This sound file can remain as an individual file, or be added into other programs (such as j2e5)

Microphone permission

It is very important that users allow j2e to access the microphone. When accessing via a desktop a pop up will appear - click allow:

If permission has been previously denied, you can click on the microphone button in the corner of your address bar. This will bring up the permission pop up, and allow you to change the permission to "allow":

When accessing via a tablet or iPad, permission will need to be granted on the first use. Again, if access is denied you will have to go into the device settings, and allow j2e access to the microphone.