Selecting a background

The document will load with the background submenu. Here you can choose to use a blank page, a template or a photo background of your choice. Simply click on the background/template to add it to the page:

Using a pictogram template

The preset templates can be used as they are, or edited as required. To use the template as it is, simply use the plus and minus buttons next to the required object. This will add/take the object to the pictogram. 

To edit the template, tick the "edit" box. You can now edit the contents of the boxes. You can add clip art images, or draw into these boxes (although drawing into the boxes is a bit fiddly!). Once you have selected a clip art image, hover over the box (until the outline shows as red) and left click. This will add the new clip art into the box:

You can edit the box title by clicking on the text, and editing.

Saving and exporting

To save your pictogram, click on the save button. This will save into your my files area. 

If you would like to use the pictogram in other programs (such as j2e5) you will need to export the pictogram image. This can be done using the "save as image" button, found on the right of the screen:


Sharing with Pupil's

To share a template with pupil's, create a pictogram and save. If you wish pupil's to be able to edit the template, keep the edit box ticked. If you prefer pupil's not to edit the template, remove the tick from the "edit" box". 

Once the template is saved, follow the steps outlined in this article for sharing content with pupil's:

Adding and sharing work

Video - How to share files