Just2easy has a built-in image web search function incorporated into many tools such as JiT and J2e5. This image search feature has been set to the highest level of filter, ensuring that the vast majority of inappropriate images are filtered out. This process, combined with statutory in-school monitoring and filtering softwares, means teachers can feel confident that images will be appropriate for even the youngest of learners.

However, as with any filtering, there are rare occasions when an image a user deems inappropriate appears. Just2easy has safeguarding procedures in place, ensuring that any user can report images immediately. 

Reporting inappropriate images

Any image found within J2e has a link to the original image, allowing checks on copyright, etc. We offer a "report picture" link on all images, allowing all users to report images they feel are inappropriate or breech copyright:

Image report button in J2e5:

Image report button in JiT:

Once the report picture button is pressed, the image will be flagged for the J2e team to review. Images deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately, with permenant exclusion. (Please note - The J2e team may get in touch to obtain further information, such as which search word was used, in order to proactively check the filtering software further. The J2e team will only contact teaching staff in this instance)

Whilst it cannot be 100% guarenteed that inapproriate images will not appear within the image search function, the risk is infinitely lower than allowing pupils to search independently via search engines.