J2code Logo is a tool that teaches pupils how to use Logo programming language using a simple, 3-level interface. 

Level 1

Level 1 starts with a simple direction focused interface:

To move the turtle, either use the buttons along the left hand side OR type a command. The turtle will respond to each command in real time, showing the output on the screen.

Level 2

Level 2 builds on level 1, allowing pupils to build up a script of commands. The interface is similar to level 1 with the addition of a Logo script :

Level 2 allows for pupils to use the direction/pen buttons to create a logo script. Pupils can also edit the script by clicking on the algorithm to edit and using the keyboard to write. Encourage your pupils to change the numbers and see what happens...

Level 3

Level 3 offer complex programming opportunities, combining basic command buttons with fully editable script:

Command abbreviations explained:

FD - Forward

BK - Back

RT - Right

LT - Left

PD - Pen down

PU - Pen up

Home - Returns turtle to starting place

CS - Clear canvas

Colour - Set pen colour

REPEAT 4 [...] - Repeat

TO procedure...END - Create procedure 

Additional commands to try...

Circle - turtle will draw a circle

Fill - will fill the area the turtle is in with the currently selected colour

repeat 120 [bk 1 lt 1] - will draw a curved line. Try adjusting the numbers to alter the curve!