The J2code visual interface explained:

Adjusting the difficulty level:

J2code visual has 3 varying levels of difficulty. As the levels increase, the number of block categories increases too. Visual will open in level 1 as default. To change the difficulty level, click the dropdown arrow next to the sprite and select the appropriate level:

Adding a background

You don't have to add a background. However, if you choose to use one you must add it within the sprite 1 tab, which will add the background as the back layer. Adding a background follows the same process as adding a character:

 Once the background is added, delete the original sprite by clicking on the "x" on the righthand corner of the sprite. Lastly, ensure that the "background" box is ticked:

Pro tip - Renaming your layers can make it easier for editing later. To rename, click on the dropdown menu on the sprite tab, and select "rename":

Adding a sprite

A default sprite (a penguin) will already be present. When learning to code, it is best to limit pupils to 2 sprites initially. 

To change/add a sprite, click on the "add new costume" button, and select from the sprite bank:

Drag your sprites to their starting positions on the stage.

Adding a block/code

Each block contains an algorithm - an instruction for the program to follow. The blocks are organised into linking categories e.g. the motion category = blue blocks which include different algorithms responsible for making a sprite move.

To begin coding/add a block ensure you have selected the required sprite (careful not to code the background!) and open the coding screen by clicking:Select the appropriate category, and drag the block onto the code area: