Sometimes it is necessary to reset your class points such as the start of term. (Please note - this can only be done by teachers!)

Resetting a single class' points

To reset the points for your class, open you class within j2stars. Click on the settings, and select the points tab. Here you wil find a "reset points" button which will reset the points. Alternatively, you have the option of viewing the points over the last month, week or day :

Resetting the whole school's points

To reset points for the whole school, open J2stars, and select the "settings" option within the whole school view:

Within the settings area, click the "points" menu. Here you will be able to reset points for the whole school : 

This will reset points for the WHOLE school

Resetting points and skills

It is possible to reset j2stars, wiping all points and skills added by all teachers. This can be done within the j2stars whole school settings, selecting the points tab, and clicking the "hard reset" button. 

We would advise that this function only be performed by the computing lead or head teacher.