J2e5 allows you to enrich your documents with multi media.

Embedding a video

One of the most useful tools is the ability to embed videos from MyFiles or video streaming sites. To begin with we need to copy the embed code:

Embedding from MyFiles

To embed a video (or other file) added into your own MyFiles, navigate t0 the video and click on the green i icon. Click the "share" option. Make sure the video is shared with the users that will be accessing the J2e5 file, then click on the embed button at the bottom of the share screen. Copy this code:

Embedding from a video streaming site

Some video streaming sites will provide an embed code for their video content. E.g. YouTube videos can be embedded by navigating to the required video, click the "share" button, click embed and copy the embed code (check your chosen video streaming site for specific instructions on how to find an embed code):

Embedding a video into J2e5

Once you have copied the required embed code, load your J2e5 file. Click on the multi-media button (top of the page) and select "video/sound/embed":

Paste the embed code into the embed box, and click "ok":

The video will show in a moveable format - move your curser to where you wish to place the video and click to drop onto the page. Resize the video using the blue boxes:

Note: Videos will not play in the edit screen of J2e5. To view, click on the "view" button (top left of page)

Adding a sound recording

Sound can be recorded straight into J2e5 - great for adding audio instructions or recording verbal evidence!

Begin by clicking on the multi-media button and selecting "record sound". You may be prompted to grant access to the microphone - just click allow:

Use the record function by clicking on the red record button, and clicking the black square stop button to end the recording. You can play the recording back using the triangular play button, and pressing "add to page" if you are happy with it:

Adding sound to a picture

It is possible to make pictures a sound trigger. Begin by adding a picture to your J2e5 file and selecting the picture using the select tool. With the picture selected (i.e. blue boxes showing at the corners of the picture) click the multi media button and click "record sound":

Record the sound, and click "add to selection":

The sound will now play when the picture is pressed (in view mode only)

Adding effects to pictures/photos

Visual effects can be added onto photos and pictures. Begin by clicking on the multi-media button and selecting "take picture":

The photo editing menu will appear, with the web cam automatically loading (you may be asked to grant permission for access to the camera - click allow). 

You can take a photo using the camera. Alternatively you can add a picture from MyFiles, shared files or web search using the "access MyFiles" button. 

Once you have selected the picture/photo you wish to edit, you can begin editing. Each effect is lifted along the right and will show a preview thumbnail. To add the effect, click the thumbnail. Some effects will offer gradients of effect - use the scroller to change the effect. If you don't like the effect, press the undo button:

Note:  pressing multiple effect thumbnails will layer effects. The reset to original picture button will reset all effects. 

Once you have the desired editing of your picture, click the "add to page" button. 

Adding a table and chart to a J2e5 file

Begin by clicking the "table" button. Select the size of your table (remember the columns and rows include titles) and click "ok":

A moveable version of your table will appear - position it where you wish it to be placed, and click to add to the page. Now you can add your data into the table:

Editing your table

To edit your table, double click on one of the blue cells to select that row/column. The table sub menu should appear on the right hand side of your screen. Here you are able to change your table and cell colours. If you wish to add in columns or rows, simply double click the row/column you would like to add above/below, and select the add row/column button as appropriate.

Adding a chart

Once data is entered into the table, select the table by clicking on the first cell (top left). The chart button will become available to select:

Click the chart button, and select the format you'd like your chart to be in, and then click ok to create your chart. You can create multiple charts to add to your page by repeating these steps: