Open J2e5 from your J2launchpad:

A blank J2e5 document will load. 

Adding text

To add text click anywhere on the page and type. It really is that easy! 

For quick and simple resizing of your text, double click the text and click and drag the blue boxes . This will allow you to resize the text by dragging the corners of the text box, rotate by using the curved arrows or copy using the small blue + button. Text can also be deleted by pressing the delete button on your keyboard:

To edit the text appearance ensure the text is selected (double click) and then use the text editing tool (right hand side) to change font, size, alignment, etc:

Adding lines or shapes

To add a line or shape, select the necessary tool (right hand side of the page). There are a number of drawing tools to choose from:

Begin by selecting the drawing tool you wish to use. Clicking on the tool will bring up the relevant shape editing menu. Here you can change your shape outline colour, fill colour, outline size, and opacity:

To draw your shape simply move your curser to the place on the page you wish to add your shape, left click and drag. If you have incorrectly sized your shape, click the "select" tool, click on the shape and resize. Alternatively, you can delete the shape by pressing the delete button. 

Adding a picture

To add a picture to your page, select the picture tool:

This will open the picture sub menu along the right hand side of the page. The menu will automatically load to show the most recent pictures in your MyFiles area. We can also select pictures from other areas such as Shared Files and Google safe search:

Once you have found a picture to use in your document, simply click and drag it from the library and place on the page:

Using the blue corner boxes will resize the picture, using the side boxes will allow you to crop the picture, using the curved arrows will allow you to rotate the picture, whilst using the blue + button will allow you to crop the picture. To delete the picture simply select the picture and press delete on your keyboard. 

It is also possible to add frames and reshape your picture. Click on the picture, and a picture editing menu will appear on the right hand side of your page. you can use the drop down menu to change the outline shape of your picture, add rounded edges or a frame:

Converting a picture to a jigsaw

J2e5 allows you to create jigsaw activities using pictures. To create a jigsaw, add a picture to your page (see above). Click on the picture and the picture editing menu will appear. Click the button "convert to jigsaw":

Once the picture is converted to jigsaw, choose the options you would like for your jigsaw activity from the menu. To change the jigsaw back to a static picture, click "convert to photo".

Adding a wordlist

J2e5 allows you to create your own wordlists, as well as share wordlists with other users. Begin by clicking on the wordlist button along the top of the page:

This will open the wordlist sub menu along the right hand side of the page:

To create a new wordlist, click the "new" button. Title your new wordlist and add your word list words (these can be copied and pasted from other sources), and click save:

Sharing a word list

Once you have created a word list it can be shared with any class or user in school. Hover over the wordlist to be shared and click on the blue i icon. Click share, and share the wordlist with the appropriate users. Word lists can be shared with individuals, teaching classes, registration classes or whole school: 

Adding a wordlist to a J2e5 activity

Word lists can be added to the J2e5 activity, easily accessible for those users using the activity. To do this, click on the word list button. Ensure the word list is shared with the users that need to access the J2e5 file (see above). Click on the word list and the words will transport to the bottom of the page:

Word lists offer text to speech functionality, allowing users to listen to words. If the word is clicked it will be added onto the page.

The word list can be edited and adjusted to suit the needs of your users. Click on the blue spanner button (bottom left) to show the word list settings. Here you can make the text larger or smaller, edit the current word list or add a new list: