J2stars provides classroom management tools, allowing you to monitor and reward positive behaviour. 

Begin by clicking on J2stars from your launchpad. As a teacher you will be able to see all teaching and registration classes in school. Select the class you wish to access:

Upon entering the class, you will see an overview of all users with associated avatar and point scores :

Awarding points

To award in individual user points, simply click on the user, and select the points to be awarded (or deducted), and the point score will automatically change:

To award more than one pupil, hover over the pupils avatar and select "select user". Repeat for all necessary pupils, then select "add feedback", and award points as necessary:

To award the whole class, select the "whole class" button (bottom left of the screen" and then award the necessary points. 

Personalising your class targets/skills

J2stars comes with 6 pre-defined skills. These can be edited/added to to account for your own class targets. 

To do this you can either:

  1. Click on a pupil's name, and select the "edit skills" button. This will then take you to the skills settings, where you will be able to add a skill:
  2.  OR click on the "settings" button (top right of screen), then click "add skill". Here you will be able to define your own targets. Select an icon, define the skill, define the points amount and whether the skill is negative or positive, and click "save". Your target will now be available to use: