J2launch (also known as the launchpad) is Just2easy's home page. Here you will find all the tool tiles, which link directly to the separate tools.

Adding a tile

The launchpad comes with predesigned tiles. However, it is possible to personalise your launchpad by creating your own tiles, and share it with other users. 

To add a tile, click on the grey '+' button at the top of the page:

To make a tile you will need a title and a URL (the other boxes/picture are optional). A link to a relevant webpage or document within MyFiles is needed - Copy this link and paste into the URL box. A preview of the tile will show to the left of the "add tile" box:

 Once the information is added, click the '+' button to create your tile. 

For other users to be able to see the tile on their launchpad, the tile will need to be shared. Hover over the tile and click the share button. Share with the necessary users. The tile will now be added to their launchpad:

Deleting tiles

To delete a tile quickly, simply drag the tile into the recycle bin: 

To recover tiles sent to the recycle bin by mistake, click on the recycle bin icon. Tiles can be recovered by clicking on the green tick button. The red 'x' will delete the tile permanently:

Removing J2e tiles from the launchpad

Sometimes it is necessary to restrict the amount of tool tiles accessible to your pupils (e.g some tools may not be age appropriate for younger students). 

Tools can be removed via the J2dashboard area (J2launch sub menu):

To remove a tool (this will only remove the link from the launchpad, not the tool itself) click on the tool icon, and untick the class you wish to remove permissions for:

To resume access, simply ensure the class is ticked.