Creating your work 

Open JIT5 and select 'pictogram'. 


Here you will be prompted to select a template chart, choose a blank template, or load a background picture from MyFiles. There are a number of great templates, which are a great starting point for exploring data collection: 

Adding data into your pictogram

To add data into your pictogram simply click on the green "+" button. The pictogram will update in real time:

To remove data, simply click the red "-" button. 

Editing your pictogram

When using a pictogram template, the pictogram will be 'closed' - i.e pupils will not be able to add or remove object buttons into the pictogram. In order for the pictogram to be editable, simply tick the 'edit' checkbox on the bottom right of the pictogram:

Once ticked two buttons will appear, which allow you to add and remove buttons within the pictogram. 

To add a button, click on the green '+'  button. A new blank button will appear. This button can be filled with your own drawings or an image from the in-built picture libraries. To use an image, simply select the image, hover over the button (it will highlight as red to show you which button you are editing) and click to stamp onto the button:

Once the image has been added, edit the button label by clicking on '<label>' and type:

You can add and edit up to ten buttons. Once you have finished editing the pictogram, untick the 'edit' checkbox, and your pictogram is ready to use.  

Teacher tip: If you want your pupils to be able to edit the pictogram template and create their own version, leave the 'edit' checkbox ticked.

Saving your pictogram

Your pictogram can be saved in two ways:

1. Save as a working file. By clicking on the save button, the file will save as a JiT pictogram file. This means the file can be edited at a later date. Great for ongoing, multiple lesson projects! Simply click the save icon (top left) :

2. Save as image. This will save the pictogram as an image.  Simply click the "save as image" button (top right). This will allow you to use the data/chart within other tools such as J2e5

Both saving formats will save a copy into your MyFiles