Creating your work 


Open JiT and select 'Chart'.


Here you will be prompted to select a template chart, choose a blank template, or load a background picture from MyFiles:

Editing the table

JiT chart will open with a table and a blank chart (The chart type will depend on whether you have selected to use a template, or start from scratch). To edit the table simply click on the line you would like to edit, and type!

All elements of the table can be edited, including chart colour, column name and numbers. As you edit the table, the chart will update in real time:

Changing the chart type

JiT Chart offers the option of using multiple chart formats. Simply tick, or untick, the chart type to change the format.

Saving your work

Your chart can be saved in two ways:

1. Save as a working file. By clicking on the save button, the file will save as a JiT chart file. This means the file can be edited at a later date. Great for ongoing, multiple lesson projects! Simply click the save icon (top left) :

2. Save as image. This will save the chart as an image.  Simply click the "save as image" button (top right). This will allow you to use the data/chart within other tools such as J2e5

Both saving formats will save a copy into your MyFiles