JiT Mix allows you to collate work from all the JiT tools, into one multiple page eBook. 

Creating a JiT Mix

Begin by clicking on the Mix tab at the top of the page:


JiT Mix has four page layouts, with various amounts of additional text, allowing your to mix JiT content, with additional writing:

To choose a different page layout, simply click on the layout that suits your piece of work. 

JiT mix also allows you to choose different JiT tools (Paint, Write, Chart, Pictogram, Animate or Turtle) By default JiT Mix will create a JiT Paint page. To choose a different JiT tool use the arrows to select the appropriate tool - the internal picture colour will correlate with the JiT tool colour:

Once you have selected the layout and JiT tool, click on the green tick to create your page. 

JiT Mix will create a blank page using the tool of your choice. The tool will function in exactly the same way as using it within the independent tool tab. E.g loading a chart mix page will allow you to add and edit data into a table, and create charts straight onto the JiT Mix page: 

By clicking on the chart side of the page, the editing tools for charts will appear (if you were using paint, the paint editing tools would appear, etc.).  

Depending on the selected Mix page layout, there may be additional space for text. To add text, just click on the text box. The text editing tools will appear, allowing you to change the font and font size, as well as access the JiT word lists. As with all the JiT tools, text-to-speech can be activated by clicking on the speech bubble icon. 

Adding an additional page

JiT Mix allows you to add multiple pages. Simply click on the green + button at the top of the page. Pages can be removed by clicking on the red X. 

Adding an existing Jit file

To add a piece of work created in one of the JiT tools, simply open a new JiT mix page, and select the "load" button:

From the load button, a sub menu will appear allowing you to select the file you would like to use. Files can be added from MyFiles, shared files or pupil files (if accessing as a teacher). Simply click on the file to be used, and it will be added onto the page:

Saving your JiT Mix

To save your JiT Mix file, simply click on the save icon. This will save the JiT mix as an editable file, allowing you to edit the file at a later date. 

We now offer a view only mode for all Jit files. To find out how to access the view only mode, watch this video:

How to open a file in view mode

Publishing your JiT Mix

You might like to consider publishing your JiT Mix file. By clicking on the publish button the file will be sent to the school J2webby blog site. All content submitted by pupils will need to be moderated by a teacher before it will be visible. 

JiT Mix example

An example of a JiT Mix file can be found here:

JiT Mix example