Selecting a background

The document will load with the background submenu. Here you can choose to use a blank page, a template or a photo background of your choice. Simply click on the background image to add it to the page.


To the left hand side of the page you will find the paint tools.

Using textured paint

The JiT Paint textured paint allows you to add dimension to your creations. Clicking on the small roller icon in the bottom right of the textured paint button allows you to change the texture to suit your picture.

Selecting colours using the dropper/colour selector

The dropper tool allows you to select specific colours from a colour wheel, as well as to select colours to match a colour already used.  To begin, click on the dropper icon on dropper button:

This will open the colour wheel sub menu:

Here you are able to select a very specific colour. Alternatively, if you hover over a colour on the page, and left click, the dropper will select the colour ready to use. Once selected, click ok to add as a paint colour.  

Adding characters from the image libraries

JiT Paint comes with a host of different image libraries for you to use. To access a different library, click on the character library name (e.g Animals, Dinosaurs, etc). Here you can choose an image from a different library, from MyFiles, shared files, from the internet or even take a photograph straight onto the page!

Once you have found the image you would like to use, click on it to select it as a stamp. Now you can resize and flip the image to suit your drawing. Once you have edited the image, simply add it to the page!

Saving your painting

JiT Paint offers three saving options: save as a working file, save as a stamp or save as a PNG image. 

To save as a working file (this will allow for future editing), simply click on the traditional save icon (top left of the page):

To save as a stamp (this will save the image, but will make any white background transparent, creating a new character to use within the "My stamps" area), simply click on the "save as a stamp" button (top right of painting):

To save as an image (this will save the whole painting as a flat, uneditable image) simplay click the "save as image" button (top right of painting)

All three saving functions will save into the MyFiles area of the user.