How to make your own characters from photographs

JiT Paint makes it easy to create your own characters, to be used in other tools such as JiT write or J2e5. 

In order for this activity to work, you will need to add the required photograph into your MyFiles area, or has shared access (i.e. Teacher has shared the required photograph with the class). 

Pro Tip - Photographs with simple backgrounds are easiest to edit. E.g. if you wish to use your learners as characters in their own stories, take their full-length photograph in front of the Interactive Whiteboard. 

Begin by selecting a transparent background from the templates.

Now, add the photograph. This can be done by clicking on the current photo library name, then selecting the MyFiles icon (or the shared files icon if the photograph has been shared)

At this point, the photograph can be resized by using the + and - buttons. 

Pro Tip - It is easier to remove the background precisely when the image is larger. This is especially true if conducting this activity with younger learners, or if using an mobile device. 

Once resized, add the photograph onto the middle of the page.

To edit the photograph, we will be removing the surrounding background. Begin by selecting the erase tool, and the fill tool (see below)

Now, click on the background areas that need to be erased. You may need to erase multiple areas. Alternatively you can just use the erase brush tool to remove the background, although this is easier when using a tablet/mobile device that allows extreme zoom functionality. 

Once all the background has been removed, the image can be saved using the "save as image" button. This will save the image as a PNG file, which can be used in other tools, and will be stored in the users MyFiles area. 

The image can now be used within other formats. Great for engaging your learners with their writing by using themselves (and their friends!) as characters in their own story illustrations!