How do I access my pupils work?

J2review will open up into your file view. Here you can access all files including your own, shared files, pupil files and those submitted for moderation.

By selecting the Pupil Files area, you will be able to view all classes. Alternatively you can select the “my classes” button to only show classes you belong to as a teacher.

The number on the file folder shows how many pupils belong to that class. By clicking the class you wish to assess you can see all pupils, with the number of files held within their file:

Alternatively, if you wish to view all work created on a particular day, you can select the “list files” checkbox. This view allows you to quickly assess work created in a particular lesson.


Learning conversations

J2review allows for informal/formal assessment through learning discourse. By selecting the speech bubble (above the file), a 2 way communication box will open. This not only allows you to provide comments on the pupils’ work, it also allows the pupils to ask questions/clarify information:

Pupils will receive a notification on the launch page, showing they have an action that needs attention.

Formal assessment/adding progression statements

By right clicking on the green i icon, we have a number of different options:


  • Download. This allows you to store the document locally on your device/external hardware
  • QR code. This will generate a QR code that can be scanned using a mobile device. Useful if you want something to stick in school books/files, but don’t want to lose the interactivity of a digital document
  • Add tag. This allows you to tag work. You can create your own tags. Useful for tracking work in other subjects i.e. science, maths, etc.
  • Add progression. We have a number of assessment frameworks pre-loaded into J2e, allowing you to quickly assess and tag pupils work. We can see below, we have tagged Sophie’s work against the ELM I can statements for Year 1, handling data module.

If you are using a framework not shown on J2review, please let us know. We can easily add a framework.



Moderated Work

In J2e, pupils are able to submit their work to be published on the school blog in J2webby. This work needs to be moderated by teaching staff, to ensure work is accurate and appropriate.

Once a pupil has completed their work ready to submit, they should save their work, and then select the publish icon, which resembles a sphere (see below for examples from J2e5 and JiT)




Once they have submitted their work, you will receive a notification on the launchpad showing there is work to be moderated:

Here we are able to preview the pupil’s work, and if appropriate we can authorise it to be published on the blog by selecting ”publish”. There is also option to delete or jump back to J2review.