Creating your work


Open JIT5 and select 'Write'.



Here you can select a template or insert your own picture. By selecting 'picture' you are given the choice of adding an uploaded picture, searching google for an image or taking a photo.




How to add text


Click on the text box to start writing. You can change the font, colour and size of the text by using the tools to the left of the page.


Once you have added some text you can now click on the speech bubble icon and JIT5 will read out what you have written.



Click the buttons shown below if you want to undo or redo an action.



 Using word lists

JiT write comes loaded with preset word lists, useful for helping your learners with lower literacy levels. When using a template, the associated word list will show. To access this, click on the word list library title: 

The word list will show appropriate words for the template. Each word has text-to-speech function, which can be accessed by clicking on the blue speech bubble. To use the word, simply click to add to the page. 

You can access alternative preset word lists by using the right and left arrows.  Alternatively you can use your own or shared word lists by clicking the black arrow found at the top left of the current word list. You can create your own word list within J2e5. 


How to save your work


Rename your work:



Then press the save icon: